Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MUD2MMO : Virtual Science

I'll add some errata later, I know I mis-spoke on a few details but after it fought me for, umm, 12 hours I'm happy to get it done.

Monday, December 12, 2011

An Open post to World of Warcraft : Re Mists expansion

I had a long post, but I know the interwebs have the attention span of a ferret drinking Mountain Dew.  So I'll TRY to be brief.

Ghostcrawler's post made me want to reach through the screen and smack whoever that was.  I don't care if he's the head of the dev team and putting out a persona, abusing the hell out of your customer base isn't cool.

PvP is crammed down your throat.  There are several achievements and in-game rewards that can not be accessed any other way.  "School of Hard Knocks" is required if you want the title "Matron/Patron" and want to get the achievements involved.  And "Darkmoon Defender" as well if you want tickets for the faire.  And the fact is that at level 85, what else is there to do for these players?  The daily cap is 25, so after that then what?  Dungeons?  Sure, but the better (and faster) rewards are given to PvP.

So when I read "Ghostcrawler" say [i]"so even if you don’t care for PvP now, maybe we can get you interested in the future."[/i] that, to me, is a NOT SO SUBTLE HINT that the dev team is focusing on the PvP player base.  I may be jaded as a "casual player".  I may be jaded because, as a hunter, PvP sucks when all any toon has to do is run up into your face and rip the gun out of your hands.  I may also be jaded because last night I spent 90 seconds shooting an AFK player without scratching his armor, only to have him come back and obliterate me in 5 seconds based solely on gear.

Once a trigger jockey, always a trigger jockey.  Wanna make hunters PvP interesting?  Gimme a sniper rifle, the ability to shoot significantly more than 40M, a 10 second cool down on it and a ghillie in game, I'll show you what "hunters" should be in PvP.

I may also be jaded by the elitist gamer culture that I see rampant in this very thread.  case in point :

i read this topic, saw a terribad pve'er complaining, and smiled. LET PVP REIGN SUPREME IN MOP.

And this is the mentality of PvP players.  "OMG L2P!!!"  Well teach me.  "LURN 4 URSELF NOOB!!!!"  So what are you doing so I can learn how to do that too?  "FIGRE IT OUT 4 URSELF!!!!"  repeat ad-nauseum.

Personally, I do not like the direction that WoW is taking with Mists.  I do not like that I need to have a full command of knowledge on how to stack resilience to wade through damage like gnats.  I do not enjoy being demolished by people who simply have better gear than I do and the "skill" of playing the numbers better, and not because they have superior tactics.  And I think there's nearly 2 million subscribers who agree with me and have already spoken with their wallets.